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Everytime you take a Trepa Technologies ceritfication course you are taking a course designed by our experts to get you to pass. Every student get’s lifetime access to our Learning Management System which is built with your certification goals in mind.

Learning Management System

Trepa Technologies has dedicated itself to the pursuit of education and learning. Unlike other vendors we provide lifetime access to all our students with a LMS system which students can use to continue their IT journey.

Experienced Instructors

Most accelerated vendor training companies take the lowest bid when hiring instructors. Not us. Trepa Technologies has a team of trusted Special Operations Communicator Veteran to deliver your organization the best training.

Guaranteed Pass

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. When the markets drop, the skills and certifications you gained never leave. When you take our course’s you place great trust in our company. We promise to get you certified, first time go.

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Network +

The Network + certification prepares IT professionals to become knowledgeable in the following areas.

    • Installing, Managing, and Troubleshooting Routing & Switching equipment.
    • Implement network security and controls.
    • Learn networking technology standards.
    • Learn about essential networking equipment


Security +

The Security + certification prepares IT, professionals to dive into the world of Cyber Security.

    • Learn about different attack types and vectors.
    • Install, configure and deploy hardware/software security appliances.
    • Implement/learn risk management frameworks.
    • Implement compliance controls on the enterprise.
    • Install and configure wireless security controls.
    • Implement and configure critical public infrastructure.


The CASP+ certification is an advanced cyber security certification. This certification prepares an individual for advanced-level implementations of risk management, security architecture, and enterprise-level security.

    • Support IT governance in the enterprise with an emphasis on managing risk
    • Leverage collaboration tools and technology to support enterprise security
    • Use research and analysis to secure the enterprise
    • Integrate hosts, storage, networks, applications, virtual environments, and cloud technologies in a secure enterprise architecture
    • Implement Security in the systems and software development lifecycle



Trepa Technologies

Network Administrator Course

Trepa Technologies runs a Vendor Agnostic Network Adminstration course. In this course our instructors will go over real world scenarios and real world troubleshooting. This course aims to bridge Real world and experience and knowledge that certification sometimes does not cover. This course can be tailored to your Units or Corporations Networks. For example if your Unit uses Solarwinds for SNMP and EIGRP for Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, then we develop a course centered around getting your employees more knowledgeable on the technologies they use everyday.




CCNA 200 - 301

The CCNA certification prepares individual to become Network Administrators working in a Cisco environment/enterprise.

    • Installing, Managing and Troubleshooting Cisco Routing & Switching equipment.
    • Cisco CLI
    • Configuring and troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Networks
    • Familiarity of SDN and Centralized Networks
    • Familiarity with Network Automation and Automation Protocols



The CCNP ENCOR certification is the core exam for the CCNP Enterprise exam. This exam will cover advanced Cisco networking topics and will teach about the following:

    • Advanced Network Architecture
    • Advanced Networking Virtualization
    • Advanced Network Infrastructure
    • Advanced Network Assurance
    • Advanced Network Security
    • Advanced Network Automation


The CCNP ENARSI certification is Part two of the CCNP Enterprise exam. This exam will cover advanced Cisco Routing and Switching topics and will teach the following:

    • Advanced Layer 3 Technologies
    • Advanced Cisco VPN Technologies
    • Advanced Infrastructure Security
    • Advanced Infrastructure Services





The AZ-900 ceritification exam goes over Microsoft cloud fundamentals.

    • Describe cloud concepts
    • Describe Azure architecture and services
    • Describe Azure management and governance


MD 100

The MD 100 Certification exam goes over Microsoft client support. This exam enables your employees to be better desktop administrators and goes over the following topics.

    • Install and configure Windows
    • Maintain Windows
    • Protect devices and data
    • Manage users, groups, and computer objects

MD 101

The MD 100 Certification exam goes over Microsoft client support. This exam enables your employees to be better desktop administrators and goes over the following topics.

    • Deploy Windows client
    • Manage identity and access
    • Manage compliance policies and configuration profiles
    • Manage apps
    • Plan and implement device configuration profiles



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Trepa Technologies understands your IT/education journey and we take great pride in being a company that sticks with you every step of the way. Our instructors are all full time IT administrators working in their respective field. When you take a boot camp with Trepa Technologies you’re getting an instructor with real world experience and knowledge.