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Hello and welcome to Trepa Technologies blog page! Our goal at Trepa Technologies is too create an environment of Life Long Learners in IT. Since we are a training company our Blog is not going to subliminally sell you a software or hardware product we created… Instead this a place where tech enthusist can publish what projects they are currently working on. Our Blog is made up of IT enthusist we have worked with in the past and their Knowledge Management sources. Our content creators use a different platforms like GITLAB, Gitbook and Confluence to host their tech reveiws, tech How To’s and informative documentation.

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What is EIGRP Stub routing and when would you configure a stub network?….


Published: 2022-06-21

Setup GNS3 for Automation

In this How To I will demonstrate how to configure a GNS3 environment using a VIRL Layer 2 switch, and a 7200 series router. This How To will show the base config….

Published: 2021-10-30

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